Information for the patient

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Medicines Administration Leaflets

These leaflets provide information to support the correct use/administration of drugs/pharmaceutical forms such as insulin, heparin, eye drops, inhalers, etc.

Medicines Leaflets

These leaflets inform the patient about a certain active substance in a simple and objective way, promoting medication adherence. They address important topics such as: its indications, what benefits to expect, how to administer, use precautions, what to do in case of forgetfulness, among others.

Leaflets on Minor Health Problems

The leaflets inform the patient about a minor health problem (cold and flu, fever, cough, heartburn) and include the description of the problem, non-pharmacological measures of prevention and relief of symptoms and alert/severity symptoms and signs.


Online platform that answer, in useful time, to questions about medicines and its clinical use according to the best scientific evidence. The information provided is intended to support the decision-making of health professionals in their daily practice.



Edited and personalized information contents in the área of medicines and its clinical use. These contents can be directed either to the patient or to healthcare professionals, namely as support for responsible self-medication (pharmacists) and/or prescription (physicians).


Care Services


Pharmaceutical consultation focused on improving the process of use of medicines and/or health outcomes. Available in two modalities: - Pharmaceutical consultations performed by serFarma'spharmacists - Advanced program to support the implementation of Pharmaceutical Consultation in pharmacies


Development and implementation of programs for: - Health promotion and disease prevention - Early detection of the disease - Clinical monitoring (medication adherence, effectiveness and security)

Medicines management

We propose improvement interventions in the various phases of the medication circuit for health institutions. We analyze the patient's current treatment costs and identify more cost-effective therapeutic alternatives, keeping the effectiveness and security of treaments.